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Fauna International, established in the year 1992, is a an established company manufacturing mainly Dry Flowers, Pot Pourri, Bouquets, Fabrics, Jute and many more hand-crafted products. As a company, it achieved its Export Growth within a very short period of time, due to strong focus on quality and time-scales. Our core values have always been “Supplying quality products at the correct price using the most eco-friendly means on the committed time”. Fauna lays a lot of stress on the production process being modern yet nature-friendly and using maximum employment as possible to be an enabler of quality life for all associated.

FAUNA INTERNATIONAL is a recognised Export House and 100% Export Oriented Unit (E.O.U)

Adhering to the guidelines of ISO & SedEx, we have installed the most technically advanced processing centre for colouring, bleaching and preservation to provide the most-suitable working conditions.In doing so, we are also pursuing our commitment to ensure the ISO standards and International Pollution norms are adhered to in every stage of production, undergoing a range of rigid tests and sticking to our very strong social responsibilities of fair wages, optimum working conditions and no child labour in any stage of production. The core focus is to ensure that the buyers get the best products using the most fare means.

FAUNA INTERNATIONAL is a recognised Export House and 100% Export Oriented Unit (E.O.U) With our production facilities in Tuticorin and a Head office at Kolkata, a beautiful port city in Tamilnadu which has, to its credit, the status of being the first ISO 9002 port in Asia, we are equipped to face even the stiffest competition globally. Our Tuticorin office is backed up with a Research and Development Cell, Sales, Shipping and Processing units.

The facility in tuticorin has 2,00,000 square feet of covered area with 1 million square feet of open space. The production capacity is 2 40 feet high cube per working day.

Quality control is our main agenda which enables us to provide the best possible products for our buyers. Proper Fumigation, Efficient Stacking and Material Handling uplift the standard of our finished products. Also offering an attractive price, efficient packing system and quick shipping we make certain that the right product is reaching at the right place in right time.

Fauna as a company is always striving for long-term relationships with customers, of which many of our customers across the globe are a testimony of. FAUNA INTERNATIONAL brings to you the finest 'Botanicals' crafted by collecting from the Northern Fringe “The Himalayas” to the southern fringe of India “Tuticorin” a port city

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