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Welcome Fauna International

FAUNA INTERNATIONAL established in the year 1992, is a an established company manufacturing mainly Dry Flowers, Pot Pourri, Bouquets, Fabrics, Jute and many more hand-crafted products. As a company, it achieved its Export Growth within a very short period of time, due to strong focus on quality and time-scales. Our core values have always been “Supplying quality products at the correct price using the most eco-friendly means on the committed time”. Fauna lays a lot of stress on the production process being modern yet nature-friendly and using maximum employment as possible to be an enabler of quality life for all associated. ....

why Choose Us

The motto of the company sums up its operations and delivery commitments, which is "Quality Products for just the Correct Price at the Committed Time."
FAUNA INTERNATIONAL, an 100% Expoer oriented Company, strongly believes in a pollution free and eco-friendly world and believe that the world can be made a better place to live in by using natural alternatives and eco-friendly products.
No form of Child labor, direct or indirect is used in any sphere of the company's working.The health & safety concerns of the workers is of priem importance to us as we always try to ensure that the working conditions are in a safe, clean and hygienic environment. All rules regarding to statutory wage rates, working conditions and employee representation in management are always adhered to . No discrimination in the form of castte. creed or religion or any other form is tolerated at any level of the company hierarchy and the company is secular in its hierarchy.

Besides providing employement to our workers, we also provide employment to many local families on a contractual basisi by allowing women to take jobs to their house.
Packing can also be made in small consumer boxes or polybags, shrink boses, etc and bar code stickers can also be put on them. Our craftsman are regularly engaged in the development of new products and styles.

Our Product